– Champion Cup Brazil Kart

32 Victories
32 Poles/Podiums
31 " Best Lap


– Grand Champion Award RBC Kart

– Società Tricampeão Sao Paulo Kart Cup

32 Victories
32 Poles/Podiums
31 " Best Lap


– Vice Champion Sao Paulo Cup Granja Viana Kart

– Cup Champion Jau Kart

– 2nd Place National Ranking From Pilots cat Pro Kart GP

– 2nd Place 500 Miles Kart Granja Vianna Group B

32 Victories
32 Poles/Podiums
31 " Best Lap


– Campione San Paolo Granja Viana Kart Cup

– 3° posto del Gran Premio RBC Kart

32 Victories
32 Poles/Podiums
31 " Best Lap


– Vice Champion Super Kart 2 Brazil Interlagos

– Vice Champion Super Kart Brazil 3 Interlagos

– Paulista Kart Champion Interlagos

32 Victories
32 Poles/Podiums
31 " Best Lap


– 3rd Place Super Kart Brazil 5 Interlagos

– 3rd Place Super Kart Brazil Interlagos 6

– Vice Champion Super Kart Brazil 8 Nova Odessa – SP

– Twice champion Paulista Kart Interlagos

32 Victories
32 Poles/Podiums
31 " Best Lap


World Cup bi-champion Brazil Kart – Senior Category A

32 Victories
32 Poles/Podiums
31 " Best Lap


Fernando Croce finish the season 2015 in Formula 3

Pilot made his debut in the Brazilian Championship of Tourism The weekend at Interlagos had a taste of farewell to Fernando Croce, who ran the entire 2015 season in Formula 3. The pilot made two tests with the rank of Brazilian formula, plus the free and qualifying practice, marking its participation in the last stage […] + Read more

Fernando Croce has dual stage at Interlagos

Pilot will be divided between Formula 3 and the Brazilian Championship of Tourism The last stage of the 2015 season of Stock Car takes place next weekend at the Autodromo Carlos Pace. With the main category of motor racing track divided the four categories, among them Formula 3 Brazil and the Brazilian Championship of Tourism. […] + Read more

Croce is fourth in the European Championship Lamborghini

This weekend we had a phenomenal experience in Sebring, FL. We got a good result in the Super Trofeo World Final. In the first race combined the four days of competition. In the first two days that won the European Championship I and my mate Nicolas Costa took our Huracan team to fourth place in […] + Read more

Brazil has the Super Trofeo World Final!

Fernando Croce dispute last stage of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Blacpain Before reaching the final stage of fomula 3 Brazil, the pilot Fernando Croce has another challenge ahead. Next week the pilot born Joah leaves for Sebring, Florida – USA where he will participate in the final stage of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Blacpain. This […] + Read more

F3 Brazil: Croce will have their first experience in Cascavel track

Paulista runs for the first time in Autódromo Zilmar Beux in western Parana The São Paulo Fernando Croce, Hitech Racing, who makes his first full season in F3 Brazil, will live this weekend a climate of debut because this is the first time you walk in the circuit in Paraná west, in the fifth stage […] + Read more

Croce has amazing performance in Cascavel

Pilot overcame problems of the first race of the weekend and celebrated good race this morning After facing problems at the exchange during practice and Saturday’s race of the F3 in Cascavel, Fernando Croce had an amazing Sunday in the dispute of the fifth stage of the season 2015. The Sao Paulo driver was sixth […] + Read more

Croce dispute the SKB Paulista Kart this weekend

After ten months of retirement, Interlagos Karting receive the second stage of the competition   The São Paulo Fernando Croce, who three times was runner-up SKB, wants to break the taboo and win the title in this second stage of SKB Paulista Kart 2015 will happen in the Karting Interlagos this weekend. The track was […] + Read more

Fernando Croce back to F3 Brazil For the Hitech Racing

Pilot accelerates this final week of paragraph YOUR First full season in F3 Brazil   The F3 Brazil 2015 begins this final week of the Autódromo Internacional de Curitiba OE driver Fernando Croce will, for first time, play a full temproada in category A, the major single-seaters. Nowhere year, I JUST had done some special […] + Read more

Kart: Cross face the first challenge of the season 2015

Pilot participates this weekend the 15th edition of the SKB – Super Kart Brazil, Karting Aldeia da Serra   The driver Fernando Croce back on track this weekend to compete in the 15th edition of the SKB – Super Kart Brazil, Karting Aldeia da Serra (24 and 25 January).   With the forecast of more […] + Read more


The Brazilian Championship of Tourism aims to work with the training of new pilots, giving them all the tools available so that you can arrive a day in the main category of Brazilian auto racing, a Stock Car.

The Championship runs through virtually all Schin Circuit squares Stock Car 2014. Thus, the races take place in the same event, same race track, approaching new pilots this fantastic world!

more information

Squadra Corse Lamborghini is a team of experts in R & D Lamborghini; The department dedicated to motor sports, including GT3, the Super Trofeo series, and a customer’s driving program.

From 2013, the Squadra Corse offers an integrated approach to Lamborghini driving experiences.

The Lamborghini Accademia, both on the roads and ice, providing driver training and the initial steps toward the race.

The Super Trofeo series provides the first perfect racing experience for young and gentleman drivers, with the Lamborghini GT3 for experienced riders who want to compete with the Lamborghini brand worldwide.

Free practice

There are two free practice sessions of 60 minutes maximum.


There will be two 15 minutes qualifying sessions. Two pilots directing the wheel of a car, each driver must take part in one of two qualifying sessions. All laps covered during qualifying practice will be timed to determine the car’s position early in the race.

Procedure for the race

Fifteen minutes before the start of the race, the cars will leave the pits to cover a reconnaissance lap. At the end of this lap they will stop on their respective grid position in order to start their engines stopped.

The starting approach will be announced shown by signals 10 minutes, 5 minutes three minutes, one minute and fifteen seconds before the display back.

When the signal of one minute is shown, engines will be started and all team technical staff must leave the grid.

Fifteen second sign: Fifteen seconds after this signal, a flag / green light will be shown at the front of the grid, after which the cars will begin the formation lap with the official car of leadership Lamborghini, keeping the starting order. During this round, the formation must be kept as tight as possible.

Start rolling: the end of the formation lap, the car Lamborghini lead officer will pull off the track. The cars will continue on their own with the pole position leading at a minimum speed of 70 km per hour and a maximum of 90 kilometers per hour. The starting signal will be given by means of starting green lights activated under control of the match.

Scoring system

There will be two championship rankings. According to its position in the standings, drivers of each category (Pro AM and PM) The following points will be awarded after each race:

1st – 15 points / 2 – 12 points / 3rd – 10 points / 4 º- 8 dots / 5 – 6 points / 6 – 5 points / 7 – 4 points / 8 – 3 points / 9 – 2 points / 10 – 1 point


The Formula 3 Brazil is a single-seater category played in Brazil. It is one of several series of Formula 3 by the world, as well as British and European F3 F3.

The championship was played between 1989 and 1995 to be extinct. In 2014 the category will again be held in the country. Fernando Croce dispute in 2015 the full season in the category.

Learn more:

Super Kart Brazil (SKB) – SKB or Super Kart Brazil is a duly incorporated Brazilian company, which aims to organize. Fernando ran in this category in 2014.

Learn more:


Follow me

I am Fernando Croce, a native of Ribeirao Preto. I started racing karts with 15 years in Jau, SP, the city where I won several times. Soon after, I started running in São Paulo, but spent the weight for the category and in parallel was studying Business Management, which did not allow me to participate in all competitions. In 2003, I attended a stage in Formula Ford, coming in 9th place, as in my first race, with 18 drivers on the grid.

In 2004 and 2005, I dedicated myself to work in the company of my family. The following year, I returned to participate in kart racing, but as yet was overweight for the category, not won any title. Then, in 2007, with 25 years, I have come to compete in the Senior category A, which won the first of several titles. Within five years, it was many victories and more than 10 titles in karting, the result of much effort and dedication.

In 2011 and 2012, I did some races in the Itaipava GT Brazil, with the Viper Competition, and GT Brazil, with the Corvette Z06 R, where I fell in love for touring cars. By lifting new flights in 2013, I made my first season in Europe, GT Sprint, driving a Ferrari 458. In this períodoconquistei six podiums, four in Brazil and two in Europe. Closing the year with a sixth place in the Sprint GT, even without participating in the first stage of the championship.

These three years of GT were important for my learning and experience in touring cars, both very different to drive. The Viper is a gross played and does not admit mistakes, it is a lot of power in the not too balanced car where you need to drive with great responsibility. The Corvette is a very fast car straight, with incredible grip but a little forward, but always room for improvement in hits. The Ferrari is very fast cornering. It has a phenomenal stability, but well played in mild, which requires a lot of patience and precision.

Late last year, I had my first experience with Formula Auto GP, where I did a test day. The model is fast and difficult to drive, requires a lot of experience and training days. Earlier this year, tested in F3 Brazil, the formula is very precise cornering, with a hard, disciplined played. This season, will participate in some stages of F3 Brazil, aiming to gain experience in these cars, always thinking in the search for positive results. In addition, it will also participate in the Brazilian Championship and World Karting!

“… My goal is to win, and I’m very persevering, dedicated, focused and interested … I am very clear and efficient in what I do and what I want, and how to make it happen against all odds … the noise the roar of engines that competition climate is very good for me is in my blood is too strong! “